All American Fire Protection of Fayetteville, Inc., Serving North and South Carolina

Locally Owned and Operated for 35 Years

  • We Work with the Military
  • 159 S Main St
  • Spring Lake, NC 28390
  • (910) 496-0600

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Regina Hammond

William was diligent about checking out the fire extinguishers. Very nice gentleman. Got in, and got it. I asked for an invoice today since I am writing checks and he had one sent over asap. Thanks.

Mitchel M

I found All American Fire Protection thru the deaf friendly website. Most businesses listed have either a deaf owner or someone who can finger sign. Effort appreciated but that was not the case with this company.

I went to the location during the holiday season, end of the year when everyone is busy and things are hectic. I am not a current client and they did not know me, my business or my role. Nevertheless, a member of management stepped away from desk to assist me. She was not deaf, and she did not finger sign. She was proficient and well signed lol.

The interaction was a pleasure and they will definitely have my business in the future. Kudos to All American Fire Protection.

Lillian Adler

All American Fire Protection has been servicing my daycare for 10 plus years, they are always a pleasure to see show up. They are friendly to the children and staff (they interact well with the kids). They do their job with the least amount of interruption possible, and when they do have to interrupt they make it fun for the kids and help the workers when necessary.

They come and go quickly and don't leave a mess. I would recommend the All American Fire Protection staff to any one. Also lets not forget the office staff, they make every effort to schedule around our nap times and feedings, they don't schedule during heavy drop off or pick up traffic either.

They are a pleasure to work with, and if there payment get overlooked or is running a little late, I always know I will get a friendly email or call. They are never nasty or rude, they make working with another small company enjoyable. They are the definition of hometown pride.